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Mr. 4 Perm Man T-Shirt


Legend has it that Mr. 4 Perm man is the long lost brother of the legendary xxxx Man. Rumour is that he disappeared years ago up on Cape York while on a Permit fishing trip. After having caught four permit in a row one day he wondered off into the scrub mumbling about the Sickle-finned Bastard’s and getting a cold beer. Get your limited run T-shirt today before the Big Brother sends me a cease and desist.


*Pre-sale runs to Thursday the 19th of November, at which point all orders will be processed. Delivery turnaround will be approx. 2 weeks from date of Pre-sale completion. This item will then be removed from sale.


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Hand Drawn and Hand printed locally here in Cairns, Australia by Al.

Using 100 % eco inks on the best t-shirts available, super soft and pre-shrunk AS Colour Staple Tees,

so they feel good on your skin and good on the environment.


All designs and images are original artworks by Al.


Prints May Vary