The Gerkin


The Gerkin


The Gerkin. I designed this fly many years ago looking for a crabby shrimpy  fly could be used in a multitude of different fishing situations.This fly has proven its self on the Flats for Permit, Golden’s, Big Bonefish, and Blue Bastards. Stripped fast it becomes a fleeing minnow for Tuna and Queenfish. Sunk in amongst the Mangroves its fooled Barra, Jacks and Tarpon.  Clients and Guides have had great success with the Gerkin worldwide. Tied with the finest materials available on Gamakatsu SL12 hooks.

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Please note that I will try my hardest to get the flies out as quick as possible, but at times some orders may take a few weeks to fill.

Additional information

Hook Size

1/0, 2, 3

Body Colour

Tan over Tan body, White over Tan body, Tan over White body, White over White body, Tan over Pink body, White over Pink body, Tan over green body, White over Green body, Pink over Tan body, Pink over White body

Leg Colour

Clear Brown Barred, Green Black Barred, Clear Silver Fleck, Yellow, Clear Black Barred, Pink Silver Barred


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