Crabbit Permit



The Crabbit would be the first fly I tie on when fishing Flats for Permit. The catch rate on this fly has been outstanding on Permit. Its also fooled countless Golden Trevally, Blue Bastards, Queenfish and other species that cruise the flats in search of crabs to eat . Many of my Clients have used this fly to catch their first Permit when other patterns have failed to get an “eat”. The Rabbit fur breathes even when the fly is not moving emulating life. Don’t be shy to use the pink one, most crabs are a pinkish colour after they molt and this colour has been our best bet for consistent hook up rates. Tied with the best materials on Gamakatsu SL12 hooks.

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Please note that I will try my hardest to get the flies out as quick as possible, but at times some orders may take a few weeks to fill.

Additional information

Hook Size

1/0, 2

Topping Colour

Tan, Cream, Pink, Tan Barred

Leg Colour

Clear Brown Barred, Green Black Barred, Clear Silver Fleck, Yellow, Clear Black Barred, Pink Silver Barred, Chartreuse Orange tip, Lime, Tan Black Barred, Orange Clear, Hot Orange Clear